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During the last fourteen years we have traveled throughout each and every corner of Peru and have had the wonderful opportunity to work for some of the leading travel companies of our time. However, there were so many things missing on the trips and journeys we embarked on with those other companies. For example, we saw unfair competition and prices for locals, unsafe trips, social irresponsibility, and many other missing pieces of the puzzle. This is the reason that eight years ago we decided to change it all in order to offer our travelers authentic grassroots experiences. We have spent this past year designing new trips and hiring the most qualified, professional, and easy going crew (office staff, guides, tour leaders, drivers, porters, horsemen, etc).

We specialize in traditional, adventure, and trekking tours around Peru. Whether your interest is adventure, historical or spiritual, we can provide you with a personalized trip which you will never forget.

We are the Peruvian specialists. We do not offer travel packages anywhere else at the moment. We have more than 12 years of experience in the business, with offices in Germany, Finland and Peru. Most of our tours do not have specific dates of departure, which gives you the flexibility to choose your own dates of travel.

We are the Peru Travel specialist and offer a unique way of traveling by enabling you to truly get to know each individual place so that you make your own experiences and memories. At the same time, we have a remarkable commitment with the places and destinations we visit. We want to avoid destroying the magnificence of those places and we do not want to be accountable for killing off the environment of the destinations that we so love and care for. Our Non-Profit Project,Fe Yunca puncu (Educando – Valores), is taking the lead to give back as much as possible to the communities, people, and children that we encounter. Fe Yunca Puncu Project t is focused on assisting others in becoming self-sufficient. To accomplish this, Fe Yunca Puncu is working on bettering the education system, empowering women, reforestation and environmental care, and other community work.

Now that you know all of this information it is your choice to be a responsible traveler and make the right decisions in terms of the environment, social welfare, and personal preferences!

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